1. Let It Ride
INCLUDING LIVE RACES, ON-DEMAND RACE REPLAYS, AMERICATAB LIVE (Showing All ... online competitions, and Americanized Reports for Australian Simulcasts Sports, Broadcasts On Demand, Replays & Simulcasts, Online http://letitride.com

Watch Live Video of Sports Events Online. Enjoy exclusive world record performances, race-by-race highlights and full on-demand events from WCSN's coverage of more than 20 sports. World Championship Sports Network (WCSN) is the premier destination for fans of Olympic and lifestyle sports, delivering an immersive experience via exclusive live and on demand coverage of world class competitions, interaction with top athletes and in depth access to sports news and information year round. Sports, Broadcasts On Demand, Network Events, Online http://web.wcsn.com

3. ESPN Classic
is a 24-hour, all-sports network featuring the greatest games, stories, heroes and memories in the history of sport. Devoted to connecting today’s sports fan to the timeless elements of sports by airing the greatest games, moments, stories and personalities in sports history. And, by bringing a current perspective, ESPN Classic creates bridges between generations of athletes and fans by illustrating the connection between the past and present. Sports, Broadcasts On Demand, Archive Footage, Online http://www.espnclassic.com

4. Peak Performance
The world’s largest free sports performance resource. We use the latest sports science research to tell you how to skyrocket your sports performance. Use the menu on the left to browse our 1000s of free articles, or use the search box. Sports, Health, Medicine, Sports Psychology, Online, On Demand http://www.pponline.co.uk

5. JobsInSports.com
Welcome to JobsInSports.com, an Internet based employment service dedicated to helping you find a sports job in the highly competitive sports marketplace. Sports, Consulting, Support, Career Planning, Online, On Demand http://www.jobsinsports.com

6. South Land Park
Watch and wager on simulcast action from around the country at Southland Park. Take your choice of exciting greyhound racing from more than a dozen tracks such as Phoenix, Wheeling, Derby Lane/Tampa, Jacksonville, Raynham, Wonderland, Birmingham/Victoryland, Hollywood/Flagler, Lincoln, Tri-State, Tucson and many others. You can also watch and wager on topnotch horse racing. Plenty of harness action is also available. Southland Park even provides an 'international flair' with its simulcasts of horse racing from Australia! Sports, Broadcasts On Demand, Replays & Simulcasts, Online http://www.southlandgreyhound.com/simulcasts

7. Sports-Management.com
The mission of Sports-Management.com is to provide a model full service sports agency built on integrity and trust. Based on a revolutionary concept intended to uniquely personalize the support of clients through a worldwide network of Personal Advisors. The agency is composed of a new class of sports agents equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of the industry and an unparalleled level of experience and integrity. Sports, Consulting, Support, Career Planning, Online, On Demand http://www.sports-management.com

8. Body Sculpt Sports and Fitness LLC
We help customize your goals, your lifestyle and your body......In the comfort of your own home! We can design a personalized fitness and nutrition program for you based on your goals and needs. Our online studio has hundreds of printable exercises, and routines that we can personally put together for you! Exercise type, repetitions, goal setting, body composition improvements, and planning to make your program a success. Sports, Health, Medicine, Fitness, Nutrition, Online, On Demand http://www.bodysculptfit.com

9. Nancy Clark, MS, RD
An internationally known sports nutritionist and nutrition author, is a registered dietitian (RD) who specializes in nutrition for exercise, health and the nutritional management of eating disorders. She is a registered dietitian (RD) who specializes in nutrition for exercise and health and counsels casual exercisers and competitive athletes. Sports, Health, Medicine, Fitness, Nutrition, Online, On Demand http://www.nancyclarkrd.com

10. Total Fitness Network
Total Fitness Network is the ultimate online resource for fitness enthusiasts. Experts and a wealth of free information right at your fingertips. Our mission is to make our site the number one informational site for fitness enthusiasts and the athletically-focused. We achieve this goal by providing unbiased, detailed information on products; thorough how-to advice on training, adventure and fitness activities; and well-researched, complete answers to specific questions from you, our readers. A network of links to market-leading manufacturers and quality guide services only enhance the service we provide. Total Fitness Network's selection of Product Buying Guides and Activity Checklists are the best in the business, created from years of hands-on product testing and years of retail, club, coaching and field experience. Sports, Health, Medicine, Fitness, Nutrition, Online, On Demand http://www.totalfitnessnetwork.com

11. Tailored Sports
Founded in 2004 by Taylored Industries and is family owned and operated. We are a leader in providing exercise, health, fitness, and sports performance equipment, as well as an online interactive personal fitness training service. Our many clients include health clubs, Universities, schools, military, fitness coaches, personal trainers, police departments, athletes, as well as people like you who want to improve general fitness and health. Tailored Sports has become an essential resource to sports and fitness consumers around the world. Sports, Health, Medicine, Fitness, Nutrition, Online, On Demand http://www.tailoredsports.com

12. Cosmos Sports
Cosmos Sports Athlete Management offers one of the most customized and comprehensive athlete placement and exposure services around the globe. Our experience at placing athletes across North America at both the professional and collegiate level as well as our list of contacts in the industry is unparalleled. Sports, Athlete Representation Online, On Demand http://www.cosmossports.com

13. True Gravity
True Gravity is an athlete representation and event management entity focused on building successful relationships through accountability, integrity, awareness and imagination. In all aspect of our business the best interests of True Gravity clients are considered above all else. Sports, Athlete Representation Online, On Demand http://www.truegravity.ca

14. BODYStatement.com
Online Customized Nutrition and Fitness Program. Online training guidance and online custom nutrition plan could be the most affordable way for you to receive the inspiration and knowledge you need to reach your goals. Whether you wish to lose body fat, gain muscle or become stronger and healthier, your nutrition program will be designed to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals. Every diet does not work the same for everyone. The safest and best way is to get an online customized nutritional plan where your progress and program can be monitored regularly. Every week you will send me your training and nutrition logs and I will monitor your progress and help you stay on the right path! Sports, Health, Medicine, Gyms, Trainers, On Demand, Online http://www.bodystatement.com

15. The Phit Coach
Online Do you want to have access to your personal trainer and workout plans 24/7? Then you've come to the right place. As my client you'll have access to the workouts I design for you in a printed version that you can view from anywhere at anytime. You'll also be able to check your form through the exercise demos and track your weekly exercise routines. Just click a button and the tracking log will be sent directly to me. This is all possible through online training. Sports, Health, Medicine, Gyms, Trainers, On Demand, Online http://www.phitcoach.com

16. Rare Sportsfilms Inc.
Welcome to the website of Rare Sportsfilms, Inc! This is your home for old-time sports on high quality video & DVD! We specialize in baseball and auto racing, but are also experts in football, professional basketball and pro golf tournament films of years gone by! All of our material is vintage and original. Our VHS tapes & DVD's are unique, in that they have better color and picture clarity than anything you have ever seen before on video covering this period of sports! Give our company a try - you won't be disappointed. Sports, Broadcasts On Demand, Archive Footage, Online http://www.raresportsfilms.com

17. Online Fitness Log
Online Fitness Log provides a comprehensive set of tools to easily and effectively monitor your health and fitness by tracking diet and exercise. Whether you're just trying to drop a few pounds or training for a triathlon, Online Fitness Log can help you stay on track to reach your goals. Sign up for your free account today! Sports, Health, Medicine, Fitness, Nutrition, Online, On Demand http://www.onlinefitnesslog.com

18. Peak Performance Sports
Instilling Confidence For A Competitive Edge. Sports and golf psychology expert, Dr. Patrick J. Cohn, teaches athletes, coaches and parents mental game strategies to develop a championship mindset. Gain access to sport psychology, mental training, and mental toughness strategies proven to improve confidence, focus, and composure in sports. From free mental toughness articles and tips to powerful sports and golf psychology programs, Peak Performance Sports helps to improve mental toughness for any athlete – amateur and professional – at any level. Sports, Health, Medicine, Sports Psychology, Online, On Demand http://www.peaksports.com

19. NCAA Basketball Polls
CBS SportsLine.com Features the AP Top 25, Coaches Poll, SportsLine Top 25, and SportsLine RPI. ... CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. Sports Online Communication, Sports Votes, Polls, Online, On Demand http://www.sportsline.com/collegebasketball/polls

20. Game Plan Management LTD
Your Own Game Plan When you choose Game Plan Management, Ltd., as your representative, you get the individual and personal attention only available with a smaller firm. You get all the experience and qualifications of a big agency, plus 100% individual dedication to you. The Game Plan Management team wants to help you negotiate great contracts today, while we help you plan for tomorrow... Sports, Athlete Representation Online, On Demand http://www.gameplanmgmt.com

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